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History and use of the billy club - Police Officers, Cops British police constable wearing a decorated billy club. The billy club in early police history. London’s first police department was founded in 1829 by Prime Minister Sir Robert Peel. His Police ranks of the United Kingdom - Wikipedia History of police ranks. All police forces have used a wide variety of ranks to meet their organisational needs, especially the Metropolitan Police Service. Ranks have been created, abolished, amalgamated and sometimes revived during the history of British policing. "MET only" means they are specific for the Metropolitan Police. The True History of the Origins of Police: Protecting and Feb 02, 2015

This information was first provided by the British Transport Police History Group. The first railway police The modern police service owes much to Sir Patrick Colquhoun, as he recommended the creation of a centralised police service for the country in 1796.

The history of the British Police force is a varied one. Here's how Peel's Boys in Blue came to lay down the law. Tweet; THE LONG ARM OF THE LAW. The first steps in policing the country came in 1361 with the Justice of the Peace Act. In each county, three or four men were appointed to 'arrest, take and chastise' offenders. Pictured: The smallest police officer in British history

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