Although BT's equipment does, PlusNet's doesn't support RFC 4638. So the router's MTU for fibre needs to be 1492 because 'fibre' connections use PPPoE and the 8 bytes for the PPP header have to come out of the available 1500 in the ethernet frame, rather than being added to it. For PPPoA, as used on ADSL connections, the correct router MTU is 1500, the same as normal ethernet.

WHAT IS THE BEST MTU FOR GAMING? (Lower Ping?) - YouTube Jun 27, 2018 How can I test and change the MTU size of WAN interfaces MTU parameters usually appear in association with a communications interface (NIC, serial port, etc.). The default MTU size is 1500, however for some networking technologies reducing the MTU size and allowing fragmentation can help eliminate some connectivity problems occurring at … Change MTU size in Windows 10 -

Feb 20, 2017

[SOLVED] MTU issues in VPN connections - Networking

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