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2020-7-13 · NOTE: Microsoft provides a virtual miniport adapter for using your device as a wireless hotspot. Wireless hotspots should not be used on campus, as they interfere with general wifi connectivity on campus. Disable Miniport Adapters. Navigate to Device Manager. Expand Network Adapters. Right-click each wifi miniport adapter and select Disable. Is it safe to disable the "Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport 2010-11-19 · Is it safe to disable? The last time I awoke the laptop from sleep I did notice I had no wireless connection. Instead, the icon looked like it wanted me to plug a cable in or something - which I never do. I powered down the machine (which took much longer than usual) then restarted and it hopped aboard my usual wifi connection. How to Fix Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter Error 2020-7-19 · Microsoft virtual WiFi miniport adapter is a virtual device that is used to virtualize your network adapter. This feature has been developed since Windows 7 and it can be employed on any laptops and mobile devices with WiFi cards. Commonly, you don’t have to use Microsoft virtual WiFi miniport adapter.

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How To Fix Microsoft Virtual Wi-Fi Miniport Adaptor Step 3: Under Network Adapter dialog, right-click on Microsoft Virtual Wi-Fi Miniport Adapter and select Update Driver Software. Alternatively, you can use a driver updater software for automatic updates of all the drivers present in the computer using Smart Driver Care.

Jan 25, 2015 · here is the simple way of enabling the microsoft virtual wifi miniport in a short period of time.. please don't forget to suscribe my channel for more det I used that to detect the microsoft virtual wifi miniport adapter, cause after I installed Windows 7 it didn't appear in the network adapters but it was there and enabled, but not started. To disable it from a command prompt run as administrator you could try: netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=disallow (or disallowed, I haven't tried).