85 is the HTTP port and 9000 is the Server port. You can double check this information if you access your DVR’s menu and go to Network > Advance. If it says Error: I could not see your service on on port (85), ( can be any number) then you need to do port forwarding first. Please visit General Port Forwarding Guide.

networking - How to redirect DNS to different ports Port: the TCP or UDP port on which the service is to be found. Target: the canonical hostname of the machine providing the service, ending in a dot. Example: _sip._tcp.example.com. 86400 IN SRV 0 5 5060 sipserver.example.com. So what I think you're looking for is to add … Wisenet DDNS - New name of SamsungiPOLiS! Required information: Name, phone number, address, email address, company name, company telephone number, gender, occupation, country/region, i-PIN number, company size, industry, etc. Optional information: Company name, company address, company fax number, company website URL, hobbies, interests, date of birth, company department, job title

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Admin Port access is done via system global admin-port admin-sport end Personally, if you are going to expose an internal web server in such a manner, I advise putting the web server in a DMZ zone and think hard about what other security or UTM measures to put in place. If your router does not support UPnP, please configure the port forwarding settings of your router, and you may use myQNAPcloud DDNS service. For QTS users, if you are unable to configure the port forwardings manually, you may also use the myQNAPcloud Link service.

TCP port 53 can be used in the cases where the DNS responses greater than 512 bytes. However, using UDP messages are preferable to using TCP for large DNS messages is due to the fact that TCP

what is DHCP & DNS port number? - ALLInterview Answer / avvaru_sk. DNS port number is 53 DHCP port number for server is 67 DHCP port number for client is 68 DHCPv6 port number for client is 546 DHCPv6 port numbet for Servr is 547 Port Forwarding: Setup | LOREX Support Port forwarding tells a router which device on the internal network to send external traffic to. When port forwarding is set up on a router, traffic is taken from an external IP address and the data is sent to an internal IP address.. To set up port forwarding, all DVR / NVR … How To Easily Access Your Home Network From Anywhere With