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How can I legally avoid paying a TV licence fee Feb 21, 2019 11 Reasons You Should Buy a New TV - The Financial Word If your TV is more than a couple years old, you are missing out on a lot of great stuff. Here are 11 reasons why you should buy a new TV: 1) 4K Ultra High Definition. One of the hottest buzzwords when discussing cutting edge television technology is consistently 4K Ultra HD. The average buyer, however, may not know exactly what the term means. What to look for if you're buying a TV for gaming | Engadget

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Mar 10, 2016 4 Things to Know Before You Buy a TV From Costco - Clark Unfortunately, one of those exceptions is TVs. With Costco TVs, you only get 90 days to return the television after purchase if you decide you’re unhappy with it.. RELATED: 6 Things to Know About Costco’s Return Policy A Look at the Costco/DirecTV Synergy. DirectTV has a partnership with Costco that embeds salespeople in the TV department at your local warehouse club. The 6 Best TVs for Every Budget (2020): TCL, Samsung, LG Buying a TV requires navigating a sea of lingo—let's quickly define a few key terms. 4K or Ultra HD refers to television tech with four times the pixels (dots of light) than a traditional HD TV.