Jul 24, 2018

Download HTTPS Everywhere for Chrome 2020.5.20 HTTPS Everywhere is a lightweight Chrome extension built specifically for helping users automatically switch from the HTTP mode to a secure browsing session supported by HTTPS.. It was developed HTTPS Everywhere for Chrome - Free download and software A plug-in alpha port based on a Firefox plugin, HTTPS Everywhere for Chrome works silently in the background, forcing HTTPS compliant Web sites to exclusively operate in this secure mode instead Take your Chrome with you everywhere - Google Search

May 19, 2020

Download HTTPS Everywhere for Firefox, Chrome & Opera

Jan 14, 2019

Once downloaded from the Google Chrome webstore and installed, HTTPS Everywhere Chrome accesses a list of sites it knows supports HTTPS encrypted connections. If you ever choose to visit one of these listed sites, the program ensures you only ever connect to … Improve your privacy with HTTPS Everywhere | Tech Help HTTPS Everywhere is an extension for Chrome (and Chromium-based browsers like Vivaldi that support Chrome extensions), Firefox and Opera. The Electronic Frontier Foundation created HTTPS Everywhere in collaboration with The Tor Project. With HTTPS Everywhere installed and enabled, common issues with HTTP requests are rewritten to HTTPS. Brave vs. Chrome: Which Browser is Better?