Jul 26, 2018 · When using third-party software you can make up the password, and the username is the SHA512 hash of the token code. I am not 100% percent sure what advantage this gives over just using the code itself, but there may be one.

cryptostorm Enter your cryptostorm token (or it's SHA512 hash) into the box above that, then click the "ADD KEY" button. This page will then show you the pre-shared key (PSK) and IP that you will need in your WireGuard configs. Each WireGuard key you generate will have a different PSK/IP. GitHub - microbug/docker-cryptostorm-client: Cryptostorm Cryptostorm uses a SHA512-based authentication system. The SHA512 hash of your token is used as the username, and the password is ignored. You must provide a valid SHA512 through --env CRYPSTOSTORM_USERNAME=your_long_sha512_hash or docker-compose. If you don't do this, the container won't be able to connect and will exit. cryptostorm cryptostorm.ch, cryptostorm.pw, or cstorm.net So if for example you wanted to use the London node and the cryptostorm.ch domain, you would put in "england.cryptostorm.ch". For the "Server port", that can be anything from 1 to 29999. The default is 443, but some people … cryptostorm

ASUS router stock firmware OpenVPN working. - cryptostorm

May 27, 2017 ASUS router stock firmware OpenVPN working. - cryptostorm

It should suffice to say whether bcrypt or SHA-512 (in the context of an appropriate algorithm like PBKDF2) is good enough. And the answer is yes, either algorithm is secure enough that a breach will occur through an implementation flaw, not cryptanalysis.

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