In the Network heading in settings, choose OpenVPN as a login method. Enter your user name and password (the ones for your VPN) then import the configuration file.ovpn supplied by your network administrator or by the website for the VPN service of your choice. Enable all three options above to ensure connectivity.

Client VPN Access License │ Synology VPN Plus | Synology Inc. Synology Client VPN Access License allows you to add concurrent user accounts that can access the Synology SSL VPN, WebVPN, and SSTP features in VPN Plus. By default, one free license has been installed on each VPN Plus supported Synology product. Extra licenses can be purchased for additional concurrent user accounts according to your needs. VPN Plus │ Synology Router Manager | Synology Inc. Client VPN Access License is available to add more concurrent accounts. Remote Desktop supports Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and Virtual Network Computing (VNC) sessions. Site-to-Site VPN License is required to activate this feature. A one-time 30-day trial is available to each VPN Plus supported Synology product.

for KeepSolid VPN Unlimited® users Synology NAS is a network-attached storage device with a variety of functions including backing up computer drive and managing and storing media files. There are two ways you can cover your Synology NAS with a VPN protection: Set up VPN connection on your router and connect Synology NAS to this router.

Set up Synology VPN Client Sign in to your Synology and open the Control Panel. In the Connectivity section, click on Network. Proceed to the Network Interface tab and press Create > Create VPN Profile.

Feb 07, 2020

Client VPN Access License. VPN Plus offers one concurrent user account with free access to WebVPN, Synology SSL VPN, and SSTP. To add more concurrent accounts, Synology Client VPN Access License can be purchased directly in the VPN Plus package.