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Modifying a socket's send/receive buffer sizes - Python Note that we need to set up the send and receive buffer size separately. Listing 1.8 shows how to modify socket send/receive buffer sizes as follows: Copy #!/usr/bin/env python # Python Network Programming Cookbook, Second Edition -- Chapter - 1 # This program is optimized for Python 2.7.12 and Python 3.5.2. # It may run on any other version Buffer size when receiving data through a socket? - Python Jun 27, 2008 DAW Setup: Sample Rate, Buffer Size, and Bit Depth Jun 20, 2020

The size of the buffer used to receive data is application or protocol dependent. There's no way within the language to tell what the size of your receive buffer ought to be. Nor is there any socket function that can be used that says 'you need a 23867 bytes to receive this message'.

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